Drawing Lessons For Kids and Beginners

Drawing LessonsLearning how to sketch or draw is something any beginner would find challenging, but it is not that difficult as one might think. You can begin with our free drawing lessons that explain you step by step tutorials to make the whole process enjoyable and easier to learn. Our drawing lessons will cover all the skills you would need to learn easy ways of drawing anything you want. On our website we provide you with easy to follow lessons on drawing and sketching. We also publish reference drawings pictures, ideas and work of other artists that you can use for inspiration. If you are father or mother looking for simple drawing lessons for your kids, you are definitely going to enjoy this site.

Beginner Drawing Exercises and lessons begin with easy objects such as drawing an apple, orange, a bowl, a water jug or anything else that doesn’t require you to do complicated drawing. We suggest never skipping this exercise even if it may seem easy at first glance. They are important because without learning the basics of drawing you will never progress to advance stages.

You don’t need to buy expensive sheets, papers or charcoal for beginner drawing lessons because they can be done with any waste paper and normal pencils. All you need is a sharpen pencil and some A4 size office papers that use in printers or a regular notebook with blank papers will also do just fine.

Simple Perspective Drawing

Learning the basics and fundamentals of linear perspective are always important in drawing anything. For example in a portrait the alignment of eyes, nose, lips depends on principles of linear perspective. Perspective drawing may sound a bit challenging but in reality it is nothing bur 3 dimensions drawing which is fun if you learn to master it. You’ll find it enjoyable once you start drawing objects with perspective in mind, because you can draw 3D illusions with that which is very cool.

Drawing Lessons For Beginners

Get a Sketchbook if you’re serious about drawing is what every artist will say. I’m yet to meet an artist or sketching professional who doesn’t have a sketchbook with him all the time. By having a sketchbook doesn’t mean you must have notebook like the one Leonardo da Vinci had. It can be a normal notebook too, but the important part is that it is a learning tool for you. It’s like a file where you’ll keep all your drawings, sketches and ideas at one place. Drawing lessons starts and ends on a sketchbook because that is where your practice, explore and learn by drawing.

Importance of Pencil Shading In Drawing

Drawing Lessons For KidsOnce you master basic object drawing with lines, curves and perspective techniques, it is time to jump on pencil shading because that will help you draw more realistic drawings. Shading is without a doubt one of the most crucial part of any drawing lesson. Shading is about creating dark to lighter tones, creating depth and 3D illusions in your drawings. At the beginning shading must be practiced in simple objects to learn the perfection of exact toning and use of light and darker tones.

Lessons provided in the beginners and for kids section emphasize on easy to understand and learn basic drawing, so that people with no experience can also learn. These lessons and guides are also good for experienced artists to brush up their skills and review their drawing ability.

Using drawing lessons provided on website is very easy. You have different sections of lesson that gives you in-depth instructions on drawing fundamentals with emphasis on technical information as well. Our starting lessons include easy and fun subjects such as cartoon characters, animals and simple people drawings. Each of these lessons are absolutely important in order to move on to next level drawing lessons. We understand that drawing plain and boring stuff can be difficult, and because of that our emphasis is always on making fun illustrations to make simple objects a lot more enjoyable to draw.

Important Tips For Beginner’s Drawing Lessons:

For those who have no prior experience of drawing or sketching, the best approach is to slowly learn the basic object drawing the practice them to perfect and then you can work your way through to advance lessons that are more challenging to draw for beginners. Each new skill you learn will help you in long run to draw more difficult and complicated drawings. If you think the current lesson is difficult, do not jump to next one, and make sure you draw it again until you make a perfect one that satisfy you. Always remember that the more you draw, the better you will become as an artist. All the best, and keep drawing!