How To Draw: Learn Easy Methods To Improve Your Drawing & Sketching

johnny depp portrait drawingNo matter if you’re a beginner or have some skills for drawing, if you want to learn how to draw animals, cartoons, or your favorite fictional character, on this website you will be provided with plenty of tutorials, pictures and other relevant information that will make your learning experience a lot easier.

Just like any other kid I always enjoyed drawing and sketching and because my grandfather was an artist of water and oil colors painting, drawing and sketching was always in my genes. I draw for fun and it helps me improve my skills and it is also a good way to go back to your childhood and cherish those memories. Even if you are a father or mother searching for online lessons on how to draw, this website is developed to make the learning process easier so that you can pass on the information to you children in simple possible ways. Even though we have just built this website with only few tutorials, but our team of drawing experts are creating many more lessons for you.

Let’s learn more about the basic of drawing and sketching first!

Are you searching for lesions, tutorials and instructions that can help you improve your drawing skills to take it to the next level? No matter if your aim is to become the greatest ever artist or looking to draw your creative imagination to showcase your talent, drawing is without a doubt one of the most effective ways to express your creative imagination and how you see the world with your eyes. It is a beautiful platform to express the way you observe details of things around you. If that is all you, this guide will definitely help you brush up your drawing skills. Here are the basic you must learn:

Practice drawing what you see: The easiest way to learn drawing is to begin with simple objects around you. For instance how about a coffee mug or a bowl of vegetables? Start with them and then slowly move to more complicated objects such as Flower Pot, Chair, Clock or human faces. Practice will make you better at drawing difficult items with ease and the more you’ll draw real life objects, the better you will become at drawing your imagination or ideas on paper.

For instance, you have an amazing idea for a new comic book character. You can think about every single detail about the character such as expression, eyes, emotions of its face, or a signature pose of the character to define it, but you will never be able to properly draw it if you are not good at drawing details of faces. Body parts, face, eyes, and expressions these are all basics of learning how to draw. Even if you’ll try sketching this character based in the image you have it in mind, you’ll not be able to come up with a proper drawing.

Drawing For Kids

Every beginner do the mistake of jumping the gun and going big and eventually end up with disappointment. As a first time learner of how to draw different things, make sure you focus on small objects that are easy to draw. You can always start with a simple house, a tree, tea pot, or range of mountain. Practice drawing these objects by using a pencil and fill them with colors and keep practicing until you become good at it.

Now move on to next stage and experiment with drawing different versions of same objects and see how it goes. Evaluating your drawings and comparing it with reference always helps improving your skills, and it teaches your where did you wrong. Ask your parents or friends for suggestions and try to implement them in new drawing once you have a list of changes you can improve on. Disappointment is your worst enemy when learning to draw. Don’t feel discouraged when your first drawing doesn’t come out perfectly, because almost everyone fails at first attempt.

Cat DrawingDrawing regularly is always good. You will get better with time if you will practice more and more. If you use an iPad, tablet or a Smartphone with a stylus pen, that could be an ideal way to keep drawing different objects for practice, and if you don’t own one then it is not hard to carry a sketchbook and pencil. If these are early days for you, start off with elemental shapes because they are the base of harder shapes and practicing them will always help in productive and meaningful drawing.

Learning how to draw for kids and beginners should be started with lessons of drawing squares, circles, rectangles and triangles. Challenge yourself to perfectly draw these shapes and keep doing it unless you draw it as perfect as possible. Done with this procedure? Now let’s start drawing different variations, sizes and abstract styles of these shapes.

With hours of practice and repetition I’m sure you’ll get to the stage when you can easily draw basic shapes in seconds with perfection. To make it more challenging try to draw curls, curves and more difficult shapes like springs, loops, and spirals. Make sure you emphasize on drawing the curves properly to improve your lining skills of drawing.

Here come the colors!

Cartoon DrawingWhile you’re sharpening your pencil drawing skills, the next move is to improve on your coloring skills. Coloring your drawings will add a different dimension to it. If you master the skill of contrast, brightness, blending and color schemes, it will help you create more natural and realistic drawings. Starting with water colors and acrylics is good and try experimenting with different color tones to see which new ones come up. You can always scan and copy your drawings before coloring to use different colors and compare.

Materials needed for drawing and sketching isn’t difficult to get. All you need is a sketch paper book and pencils that comes in hard to soft varieties. You should go for hard pencils which are considered low in tones and that is needed if you want to use shading in your drawing from dark to lighter tone. Once you perfect use of pencils in drawing, you can move on to charcoal which needs more skills to use it properly.

More Theoretical Info:

Important Tips for Drawing and Sketching

  • For drawing inspiration you can use references of drawing pictures that you can download online easily.
  • Drawing different objects or real life things is what you should always look for. For instance if one you are practicing anime characters drawing, next day work on drawing people’s face. It keeps your mind fresh and does not make you feel bored of drawing same thing again and again.
  • Patience is the key when learning to draw. So even if you are doing horrible bad at the start, never give and keep practicing until you perfect it.
  • Shading is very important in drawing and as you know almost every art work involve shading. So make sure you learn shading with drawing and sketching.
  • The secret of fine drawing skills is to draw them in 3D, because that looks more realistic. For that you will also need to learn shading, texturing and how you use lines in 3 dimensional perspectives.
  • Constructive criticism is the best way forward to improve your drawing. Therefore you should pay attention and critiques and use the suggestions to enhance your skills.
  • Our world is the home of beautiful things surrounded around us and you can use them for inspiration. Be creative and try to draw anything you see such as landscapes, animals, emotions, clouds or anything else really.

Given below is the collection of our drawing lessons and tutorials that you can browse to learn step by step instructions. There are not many at the moment but enough to keep you engage for a while. If you have request for particular character’s drawing please email us, we’ll try our best to include them in our collection. We are soon going to release coolest new online drawing lesson, so stay tuned to our website. Good luck and enjoy drawing!

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