Nature Drawings: 39 Magnificent Pictures for Coloring Ideas

One of the most popular drawing lessons for beginners and kids are drawings of nature because they are simple and easy to draw. As you can see in the gallery below, it is a compiled list of nature drawings for your inspiration that are drawn in simple and easy to learn form. You can try drawing these example images to see if you can create similar drawings or not. To create this post we have researched for nature drawings ideas that are create with basic lines so that they are not complicated for kids and first timers.

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The reason why you should start with easy to follow and simple nature pencil drawings is because many of us become impatient after not successfully drawing the objects and it could lead to quitting the hobby as well. That’s the worst thing can ever happen to a first time drawing learner, therefore we have thoroughly searched for photos that are based on simple lines so that the whole procedure of drawing is more fun and enjoyable.

The gallery also has 3-4 of my own nature sketches that I drew before building this post for our viewers. I have never attended a drawing class, and my sketching skills are decent, that’s why I’m a firm believer of the fact that, drawing can be learned on your own without joining a class, but you need to practice what you like and try to perfect your skills with each passing drawing lessons.

Generally nature drawings are based on imagination for scenery or landscape which may look a bit complicated and busy, but they are just a combination of basic lines and a bit of perspective drawing as well. Every practice drawing will help you improve drastically and in over a period of time you will become good at it, without even realizing it.

The above posted gallery of nature drawings images also includes some rough sketches that are important for any learner to become good at it. With sketching and basic drawing you can also add watercolor painting to it so that it will look more realistic. Other section of our website also provides tutorials of nature drawings with in-depth and step by step instructions to make it easier for kids. We hope you will make use of these beautiful drawings of nature pictures for your practice and creative inspiration.